About us

Artist / Company Description:

Michael P. Mastropolo is a graduate of the New York Institute of Technology in architecture and has taught architectural rendering and visual communication at NYIT for five years. He has a strong architectural background and is also an extraordinary artist of many talents.

Michael has painted a wide variety of subjects ranging from:

  • portraits
  • landscapes
  • seascapes
  • still lives
  • spiritual art
  • murals
  • and more.

His strong sense of color and artistic expertise has given him a tremendous advantage in solving specific problems encountered in architectural art, especially in mural design. The combination of his creative ability and strong architectural background affords him the opportunity to meet any challenge. The total number of years of experience in art approaches 35 years. Mastropolo Arts Inc. has produced art of wide and diversified range, paying close attention to each painting as if it were the firm’s only masterpiece. Michael P. Mastropolo is the president of his own architectural rendering firm. He personally has produced thousands of paintings since 1974, when Mastropolo Arts Inc. was first established. Private collectors have commissioned paintings by Mastropolo Arts Inc. He also does paintings for churches. Mastropolo Arts dedication to “State of the Art” high quality architectural art, mural art, and other art executed in a timely manner has resulted in commissions from many of the world‘s largest corporations. The firm has created projects for such corporations as Computer Associates, Sony Corporation, Sbarro, Mc Donald’s, EAB, Olympus, Sears, Holiday Inn, BMW, and Jaguar, etc. Mastropolo Arts has produced work for major Long Island firms as well. These firms include The Spector Group, The Baldassano Group, EGA Architects, Wax Ferraro, Notaro Grupp Architects, and Weidersum Associates.

Mastropolo Arts is a unique studio that specializes in the finest high- quality, original murals including classical Trompe L’oeil murals. Our expertise in perspective, color, and design makes our murals truly “one of a kind”. Other services available include: painting, faux painting, restoration work, and design consultation. Keats once wrote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, so why not get the finest work of art available. Our dedication to achieve the highest standards in our work makes us sought after by the serious minded client, who has the certain flair for the finest art. Don’t hesitate to make the dream of your masterpiece become reality.

If you have visited a restaurant, hotel casino, catering hall, day spa, or even someone’s home lately, you have probably experienced this exciting, creative and imaginative art form. Our trompe l’oeil murals can convert almost any surface into an incredible scene or subject with tremendous depth and detail. The extraordinary illusions that we create will truly deceive your eyes and bring you into a fantasy world beyond your wildest dreams. If your minds eye can envision it, Mastropolo Arts can create it.

Art lessons are now available at Mastropolo Art Gallery. Classes include painting and drawing for all ages. Private lessons are also available. Prices start at $20 per hour. Please contact us for more details.

Samples of our finest work are available on the Internet at www.mastroart.com or you can contact us directly to view our work in person.